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Schwippert Law Office was established in Berlin, Germany, in the year 2000, after Wolf R. Schwippert practiced firstly in Germany and then as a lawyer and legal consultant in Saudi Arabia from 1992 until 2000. Schwippert Law Office offers legal advice, in particular relating to the business laws of the Arab Middle East and Iran to companies doing or intending to do business in that region. Schwippert Law Office also supports companies from the Arab Middle East and Iran in their affairs in German language speaking and other European countries. Schwippert Law Office represents companies mainly from German language speaking countries in their requirements relating to legal advice in their affairs in the Arab Middle East and Iran.

On a case by case basis the legal advice is rendered in co-operation with law firms and tax advisors in the region. In that case Schwippert Law Office serves as the local contact in Germany and regional coordinator.

Schwippert Law Office also acts as consultant to authorities in Arab countries and has advised in particular on competencies of authorities and public administration as well as in legislation projects for public infrastructure.

At the same time Schwippert Law Office represents the interest of companies and investors from the Arab Middle East/Iran in Europe, be it litigation and arbitration matters or investment planning. Also here Schwippert Law Office co-operates on a case by case basis with law firms and tax advisors in Europe.

Schwippert Law Office is a member of
- the GHORFA - Arab German Chamber of Industry and Commerce e.V.,
- the DAFG-German-Arab Friendship Association,

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