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Herein below please find some selected projects, which had been pursued by Mr. Schwippert.

He has advised e.g.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin European companies with affiliates in the UAE in their planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in the healthcare industry in various MENA countries.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin Investors from GCC countries in their real estate investments in Germany and other European countries, including setting up legal entities to own and administer the real property.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin advice in structuring Sharia compliant finance facilities for the acquisition of commercial properties in Germany

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  A company from Germany selling its products worldwide on establishing a 100% foreign owned production facility in Saudi Arabia.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  Numerous companies on establishing legal entities jointly with local partners in Saudi Arabia in the fields of manufacturing and services as well as the establishment of branches.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  A company from Germany on establishing a joint venture with a governmentally owned entity in the UAE for the operation of public infrastructure within the framework of a privatization concept.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  Numerous companies on project tendering procedures in GCC countries including determination of the necessary local set-up and detailed contract revision and risk analysis.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  within a consultancy team a national transport authority in a GCC country on the revision of transport legislation for various modes of transport.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  An international organization on the harmonization of transport legislation in the member states of the UN-Economic and Social Commission in Western Asia.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  within a consultancy team an authority in Saudi Arabia on its competencies, legal framework and organizational structure in relation to its tasks.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  within a consultancy team a local governmental department in a GCC member state on the analysis of its existing legislative framework and on a state of the art required extension of that framework and its integration into of the existing legal system.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  within a consultancy team a local governmental department in a GCC member state on the legal structures possible for the procurement of an infrastructure operator, including analysis of bids within procurement strategy advise.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin  Consultants active in the field of railway planning as sub-contractor in their projects in the Middle East, including the realization of PPP structures in light of local laws and analyses of requirements for law reforms in order to allow PPP structures to be implemented.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin Numerous companies from Europe as well as from the US active in the Middle East on product registration and governmental purchases, like MoHs, and SGH of the GCC.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin On company and investment laws in all the GCC member states as well as Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia Morocco, Iraq and Iran.

Lawyer Schwippert, Berlin Arabian embassies in Germany on their legal affairs.

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